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"In my opinion Jay is one of the most dedicated massage therapists in Jacksonville, Florida. He utilizes years of experience with a true passion behind his hands. Thank you for what you do brother!"

- Scott Petersen | Crowley Maritine

Services & Rates

You can count on Somawürks by Jay for a full range of massage and bodywork services, helping to ensure that his clients recieve the professional attention they need to help them relax, recover... and heal properly.

Neuromuscular therapy

Orthopedic Soft-Tissue Rehabilitation

This form of clinical massage integrates Myoskeletal Technique®, Trigger Point Therapy, Thai Yoga Massage, and Active Isolated Stretching® to help support and expedite your body's healing process. It is primarily used for soft-tissue repair of joint and muscular strains, tears, and overall repetitive movement injuries. This is the most popular service offered, as it combines structural integration with deep compression massage to improve range of motion while inhibiting degenerative movement patterns. This form of bodywork is especially recommended for acute and chronic soft tissue injuries.

For new clients and medical referrals a 30-minute consultation and evaluation prior to your initial treatment is *recommended; in order to provide the most comprehensive treatment plan.

30 min. - $45   60 min. - $90   *90 min. - $120  

Rehabilitation Massage

Competitive Sports & Athletic Massage

Professional and amateur athletes agree that preventative maintenance is fundamental to optimum performance. Somawürks by Jay treats advanced athletic clients that routinely use this form of massage prior to and promptly after competing, in order to help prepare and then quickly rehabilitate following competition.

30 min. - $45   60 min. - $90   90 min. - $120

Manipulation of Joints

Relax with Therapeutic massage

Therapeutic massage sedates and relaxes your body through a series of rhythmic, gliding, and kneading strokes accompanied by soft manipulation of the joints. It is a great way to reduce tension and the ill effects of stress — just what your overworked body is demanding after a hard day! Your preferences regarding strength, depth, and pressure will be respected.

30 min. - $40   60 min. - $85   90 min. - $110

Thai - Yoga Massage

This ancient form of massage combines Chinese acupressure with the gently assisted yoga postures consisting of sitting, front, side-lying, and back. You will conclude your Thai yoga massage energized, stimulated, and relaxed.

Table "Thaissage" Form:

60 min. - $90   90 min. - $120   120 min. - $180