Somawurks by Jay

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Natural pain relief for chronic or acute soft-tissue muscular injuries.

 Massage Options

For those who don't require advanced bodywork - traditional and chair massage are also available.

At Somawürks by Jay ensuring that you recieve the treatment that best fits your needs is Jay's primary goal. Centrally located within the South-Bank region of historic San Marco, it's just a skip off of I-95 and Atlantic Blvd.

Traditional Massage

Traditional massage involves the manual or mechanical manipulation of the muscle and skin to improve mobility and relax the muscle. It was designed to feel good, help stimulate relaxation, and promote circulation through a series of rhythmic, kneading hand movements. Massage allows the blood to carry more oxygen and nutrients, and releases endorphins, the body's natural pain killers, throughout the body.

Massage provides relief from a number of health-related issues. It can be an important health synergist for pre and post recovery from surgery, as well as those experiencing chronic muscular pain from migraines, fibromyalgia, or a multitude of postural and environmental issues. Massage therapy may reduce reliance on pain killers, thereby allowing for improved physical awareness of pain patterns and permitting more effective, comprehensive treatment.


Somawürks by Jay is structural work that integrates massage with stretching and strengthening motions to aid in mobility and rehabilitation of the body's joints and musculature. Massage is exemplified by neuromuscular therapy, which emphasizes restabilization of the body's skeletal matrix via deep myofascial stretching and trigger point release. Jay's clients report that this form of clinical bodywork leaves them feeling energized and relaxed.

Chair Massage

Jay is available for on-site corporate massage therapy, demonstrations, and educational health symposiums. Chair massage can be a wonderful relaxation tool for the workplace or for special events.